MLTB Management

Mohammad Khan

Partner, Major League Tapeball State Director, Chicago Board of Directors, U.S. Tapeball

Mohammad Khan moved to America from Pakistan in 1981. He received his education from the University of Illinois, Chicago with a Master’s degree in Law Enforcement, and has been working as a commercial pilot and flight attendant since then.


There is a lot of potential for Tapeball Cricket in the Chicagoland area, and Mohammad is confident that we can take Chicago Tapeball to the highest level.


Mohammad played in the Zone Under-19 from Pakistan and has been playing cricket in America since 1981. He’s been the President of the Midwest Cricket Conference for the past 12 years. Additionally, he held the position of Central Zone Director at USACA. He has played cricket all over the world, including the USA, Caribbean, and Canada.


Most recently, in November 2021, Khan played in the Veteran’s Masters Cup in LA. Mohammad is currently the president and owner of the CASO Cricket League, which was established in year xxxx. With approximately 115 teams, it is one of the biggest cricket leagues in America. Lastly, he recently opened the Indoor CASO Youth Cricket Academy Chicago.