Major League Tapeball

Major league tapeball is investing in the development of tapeball across the country to create pathways to elite competition and the National Team.

Major League Structure

13 states. 13 Regional Tournaments. Top 2 Qualifiers From Each State. National Tournament for Top Qualifiers. 1 Winner.

Major League Tapeball is a league organized by the founding members of MLT that form the top tier of Tapeball in New York, USA. The league was introduced to bridge the gap between recreational Tapeball and professional Tapeball. The goal of the league is to raise the playing standards of Tapeball Cricket and popularize this fascinating sport. At the time of writing, Major League Tapeball has a network in 13 states. Regional teams in each state will compete to determine the top 2 qualifiers that will be invited to participate in the National Tapeball Tournament under MLT.

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